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Peru, Japan, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, United States; I am a global citizen. 

I am an experienced designer with an in-house and remote freelance experience. Strong collaborator and business-minded with an understanding of budgets and timelines. Comfortable asking questions and committed to continual skill development. Research is an integral part of my process in the design of objects and experiences for and with the audience. By adopting interdisciplinary research approaches, I can both question and affirm my intuitive inclinations, and place this process in conversation with peers and even the lay public. I have broad experience: print and digital, video editing, menus, signage, illustration, photography, packaging, medical, film posters, festivals, mailers, etc.

I enjoy speaking with potential clients to further discuss my range of creative abilities and share some of my recent projects. How can I help you?


Art Center College of Design


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